About Us

About Us

Advancing American Manufacturing Through Innovation

Quad City Manufacturing Laboratory (QCML) is a national resource for manufacturing research and development.

As a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization, we’re committed to helping the American manufacturing community push through barriers to achieve production efficiencies and product enhancements. Our capabilities and services, along with our expert staff, are leveraged by manufacturers looking to realize their innovations and remain competitive in a global marketplace.

QCML is also committed to developing the next generation of top talent in American manufacturing that is ready to leverage advances in manufacturing technologies and processes. With access to cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, systems and software, our interns work alongside seasoned engineers to help today’s manufacturers overcome some of their most difficult production challenges. The hands-on experience and mentorship provided by QCML develops the interns’ practical engineering and critical thinking skills, effectively preparing them for the future of manufacturing. Attracting talented young engineers from across the country, the QCML intern program serves a very important function to keep the pipeline filled with skilled workers able to leverage new technologies and ready to face new challenges.

QCML is a Leading American Manufacturing R&D Resource

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