Collaborative Robotics

Collaborative Robotics

Flexible, Adaptable Robotics for the Toughest Automation Challenges

For manufacturers in need of advanced robotic automation, Quad City Manufacturing Laboratory (QCML) helps develop and implement smart collaborative robotic solutions for nearly any unique application.

Collaborative robots enable the automation of tasks while safely working side-by-side human employees, unlike industrial robots which need enclosed work cells to operate safely. Typically, collaborative robots are at a price point suitable for small and medium-sized businesses and have proven their ability to provide return on investment (ROI) in a wide range of applications.

QCML Collaborative Robots Capabilities

QCML leverages a Universal Robot UR-10 collaborative robot in our facility. This collaborative robot can be equipped with various grippers/manipulators, laser heads for large-scale additive manufacturing, and welding/cutting heads. Additionally, various cameras and sensors can create flexibility and adaptability through robotic machine vision, allowing the robot to perform well in the toughest applications. Our facility also includes a multi-robot cell setup for collaborative robots to work interactively with each other and with human workers.

Collaborative robotic solutions can be used in a number of industries, including:

  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Defense/Government
  • Energy
  • General Manufacturing

QCML’s collaborative robotic solutions can automate tasks such as quality inspection, pick and place, assembly, packaging, screw driving, welding, gluing, dispensing, polishing, and packaging.

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