Energy Manufacturing R&D

Energy Manufacturing R&D

Expert R&D to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge

Manufacturers in the advanced energy sector face fierce competition to deliver quality parts with minimal costs, all in an effort to gain a foothold in an industry with major growth potential. Quad City Manufacturing Laboratory (QCML) helps energy manufacturers sharpen their competitive edge with expert R&D services and advanced manufacturing solutions to meet specific production challenges.

Our engineers have extensive experience with the latest technologies in additive manufacturing, spark plasma sintering, robotics, solid modeling and more to help with everything from prototyping to manufacturing design and technology transfer. QCML’s state-of-the-art facility is equipped for complex R&D of precision parts, facilitating the development of manufacturing innovations to fulfill your business objectives.

Finding innovation in manufacturing translates into more competitive pricing and services in the global market. QCML offers you the capabilities and expert guidance you require.

QCML is a Leading American Manufacturing R&D Resource

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