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QCML and WIU received $2.125M of funding for Year 7 (2022-2023) on a ballistic protection research program with Army Research Lab

QCML and WIU have received $2.125M for year 7 (2022-2023) of a ballistic protection research program with Army Research Lab. Dr. Eric J. Faierson is the Principal Investigator for QCML & WIU on the program.  QCML is partnered with University of North Texas (Principal Investigator: Dr. Rajiv Mishra), University of Illinois, and Iowa State in this year of the program.  Faculty from University of Illinois (Dr. Iwona Jasiuk and Dr. Kathryn Matlack) and Iowa State University (Dr. Peter Collins) will bring enhanced computational materials and computational structural modeling capabilities to the program.  This year’s research will continue to build on the following areas related to ballistic protection applications: advanced ceramics, alloy development for additive manufacturing, design and fabrication of novel lattice structures using additive manufacturing, and computational modeling of materials and structures.  Undergraduate and graduate students will be incorporated into the program to gain hands-on experience in advanced materials, manufacturing, and modeling for ballistic protection.

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