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QCML & WIU Completed a 2 Year Cooperative Research Agreement with Army Research Lab

Our research partners in this project were University of North Texas, Temple University, and University of Southern Mississippi.  Our role in this project was to conduct research and development in materials and manufacturing techniques to provide the Army with better ballistic protection technology.  During this program we utilized 3D metal printing to create new armor designs using Ti-6Al-4V, stainless steels, and 4340 steel, which were subsequently tested at Army Research Lab.  Substantial cost-savings were realized by ARL by utilizing our small scale 3D printed panels to evaluate new armor designs.  In addition, we used Spark Plasma Sintering to fabricate various armor ceramics such as boron carbide (B4C) and titanium diboride-boron carbide (TiB2-B4C) for evaluation and testing.  Developmental work was also performed processing WE-43 magnesium alloy using laser powder bed fusion technology.

Image Description (left to right):

Solid Model of Octet Lattice Panel

3D Printed Octet Lattice Panel

Spark Plasma Sintering of Boron Carbide-Titanium Diboride Composite

Samples of Boron Carbide-Titanium Diboride Composite

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