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QCML-WIU TechDay June 13, 2019

On June 13, Quad City Manufacturing Lab & Western Illinois University hosted TechDay, an event that showcased ways that businesses could incorporate advanced manufacturing technologies into their operations.  TechDay was held at Quad City Manufacturing Lab on the Rock Island Arsenal and around 50 people attended.   Sponsors of TechDay included Metrologic Group, Hexagon Metrology, IMEC, Quad Cities Chamber, and the Illinois Defense Network.  Some features of the event included:

Increase productivity by incorporating Collaborative Robots and Machine Vision- Collaborative robots enable both automation of tasks (quality inspection, pick & place, assembly, packaging, and more) and side-by-side operation with employees, without the safety issues and costs of industrial robots.

Take advantage of Additive Manufacturing capabilities Use design for additive manufacturing to redesign conventional parts to minimize weight, and reduce fabrication time/cost. Combine multiple parts into fewer parts to reduce assembly costs.

Use 3D Scanning technology for Quality Assurance Implement 3D scanning technology to verify the geometric dimensions and tolerances of products to ensure quality control. 3D scanning also enables reverse engineering of components and provides data required to 3D print the part. With appropriate software the 3D scan data can be converted into a feature-based, editable solid-model.

Demonstrations of metal additive manufacturing, collaborative robotics, 3D scanning & quality assurance, spark plasma sintering, and friction stir welding technology were performed.


TechDay 2019

TechDay 2019

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