Manufacturing Process & Equipment Development

Manufacturing Process & Equipment Development

Solving the Challenges of Implementing and Integrating Advanced Manufacturing Processes

For advanced, cutting-edge manufacturing processes and equipment customized to your unique needs, Quad City Manufacturing Laboratory (QCML) offers process and equipment development services to help you achieve quality and efficiency goals in production and customize solutions to your materials processing interests.

QCML’s state-of-the-art facility has the latest manufacturing technology, including high power fiber lasers, laser scan heads, electronically variable focus optics, additive manufacturing, robotics, computer aided design (CAD) and simulation software, and much more. The wide range of capabilities allows for the design and construction of unique systems that solve materials processing and handling issues using advanced manufacturing technology.

As a national R&D resource, QCML has the systems in place to research and develop innovative new manufacturing processes and equipment for American manufacturers. QCML’s process and equipment development services help you remain globally competitive while maximizing productivity.

QCML is a Leading American Manufacturing R&D Resource

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